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  My all encompassing thanks to my extraordinary agent, Nancy Rosenfeld, who never ceased in trying for me and keeping my
   hopes aloft.
     —Jack LaZebnik, author, Golden Medina and Such a Life
   Beginning with the very first word of this book and until I wrote the very last, I did not realize the years it would take to bring
   together in one volume the lifetime of experiences in the healthcare field . . .   But my manuscript would not exist as a book at 
   all if it were not for the efforts of several individuals who I wish to acknowledge and thank. First, Mr. Steven L Mitchell, editor-
   in-chief of Prometheus Books, whose very great interest and vision of the value of this manuscript brought it into publication. 
   Second, Ms. Nancy Rosenfeld, my literary agent, whose many hours of hard work and enthusiasm for the book was 
   indispensable for bringing the manuscript as a project to a successful conclusion.
     —Jordan Braverman, author, Your Money & Your Health    

  Those who contributed to the composition of this work are beyond counting: my agent, Nancy Rosenfeld and her editor Janet
   Tabin believed in it. From the beginning of my decision in 1985 to “write full time,” many workshop and conference instructors,
   authors, and participants have read, listened to parts, and given invaluable suggestions. I am grateful to Pelican Publishing
   Company for being willing to bring my dream to reality.
     —Gwendolyn Y. Fortune, author, Growing Up Nigger Rich and Family Lines

   Completing this book marks the end of a very long and rewarding journey. It is one I have taken with the personal and
   professional support of family, friends, and colleagues.  Therefore, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to some of the 
   people who have helped make Healthy Anger possible.  First, I am extremely grateful to Nancy Rosenfeld, my friend, my 
   agent, and the source of the idea for New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder, a book she and I coauthored with Dr. 
   Jan Fawcett. The feedback and encouragement she provided on that project and this book helped push me in a direction to 
   make the  manuscripts the best they could be. I am again, and still, appreciative of her determination, drive, and commitment 
   to quality…
     —Bernard Golden, PhD, author:  Healthy Anger, Creative Genius, and
                   New Hope for People with Bipolar Disorder (Fawcett, Golden, Rosenfeld)

   The creation of this book [Facing the Ultimate Loss] was the product of years of listening and learning. It would be 
   impossible to thank all of those who made our work possible… To Brook Noel, our publisher, and to Nancy Rosenfeld, our 
   agent, we are deeply indebted.
     —Robert J. Marx and Susan Wengerhoff Davidson, authors, Facing the Ultimate Loss

   I would like to thank the many people who helped me with this project and the ones who Simply enrich my existence. What 
   would I do without my wonderful agent, Nancy Rosenfeld? I really don’t think I would have survived without her thoughtful 
   guidance and  Support. Thank you, Wise One!
     —Dr. Dorothy McCoy, author, The Ultimate Book of Personality Tests and The Manipulative Man

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