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			   We offer:

                                              Copy/content editing and ghostwriting services;
                                               Negotiation of publishing house contracts & auction

                                               We are currently accepting manuscripts
                                                And concepts in the following areas:

  				√ 	Mainstream Fiction 

 				√	Historical Fiction 

 				√ 	Literary Fiction  

 				√	Young Adult Fiction  

				√ 	Biography and Memoirs 

 				√	Health & Wellness

 				√ 	Education, History & Popular Science

 				√ 	Psychology / Self-help

 				√ 	Parenting and Family 

 				√	Spirituality / Personal Growth 

 				√ 	True Crime

 				√ 	Women & Menís Issues

Full-service Literary Agency, we

specialize in quality manuscripts



†† Nonfiction titles should be designed with a message to inspire and

†† leave an indelible mark on society.


†† Contact us today: for personalized information designed to make

†† your dream a reality.

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