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Inspired by a true story, Salomon Kool was celebrating his Bar Mitzvah with family and friends when they learned that Amsterdam had been invaded. The life they knew was slowly but surely changing. Each day, new rules were added that restricted the movements of Jews. Salomon’s father and siblings were taken away, and he never heard from them again. Only he and his mother remained. His mother sent him to his room to hide when the soldiers knocked on their door. He watched through the window as the soldiers took his mother as well. He was now alone and looking for shelter and a place to stay. With the help of a few courageous Christians, he was able to avoid the concentration camps and survived the war.

The Boy Behind The Door by David Tabatsky is a powerful story and the writing style holds your attention throughout. He tells Salomon's story as if it is his own and brings Salomon’s loneliness and fears to life. I could not help but hold my breath with Salomon when the soldiers approached. The characters were well-developed, and the interaction between them was always overshadowed by fear. Many of the situations are based on real-life experiences. It is sobering to learn about the horrors that the survivors endured. This story is both moving and frightening. It offers a different perspective on the lives of those who suffered the Nazi occupation of their country during World War II.


Image of author Teresa Yang 
Teresa Yang - Author of, Nothing But The Tooth: An Insider's Guide to Dental Health
Roman & Littlefield; August 23, 2023 (FEATURED AUTHOR, Rowman & Littlefield’s homepage)

Teresa Yang is author of the August 2023 release Nothing But The Tooth: An Insider's Guide to Dental Health, a practical reference guide that provides current and concise information on all things dental. Yang practices in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Publishers Weekly says of the book, “Dentist Yang debuts with a pragmatic overview of how patients can navigate the dental care system.... The guidance is practical, and patients will appreciate the insight into what it’s like on the other end of the drill.... This will make readers’ next trip to the dentist a little less intimidating.”

Find Teresa on Facebook at 
Go to Teresa's website: 



¨ Congratulations to Linda and Charlie Bloom, regarding a Chinese deal secured by Köehler Books for their book
An End to Arguing: “101 Valuable Lessons for All Relationships” (Köehler Books, Oct. 2022)
China pub date: 2005

¨  Congratulations to Demetris Nicolaides, Ph.D. regarding the Chinese rights sold to Golden Rose Books of Shanghai
  by Oxford University Press, pub date: 2024 for his book:
In Search of a Theory or Everything: “The Philosophy Behind Physices” (Oxford University Press, 1st edition: July 1, 2020.

¨ Congratulations to Dr. Andrea D Sullivan on the #1 rating for her book The Sacrifices of Superwomen: Natural Remedies to Restore Balance scheduled for release October 30, 2023. #1 New Release (Kindle)
in Homeopathy
, Koehler Books; 1st edition (October 30, 2023);

¨ Congratulations to Hank Rosenfeld, on the #1 Rating for his book, The Jive 95: An Oral History of America’s Greatest Underground Rock Radio Station, KSAN San Francisco, in Radio History & Criticism
 #1 New Release in Radio History & Criticism; Backbeat Books / Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: August 15, 2023;



¨ Congratulations to Brian Felgoise and David Tabatsky, authors of Filthy Rich Lawyers (Book 1 of 2)
(Speaking Volumes, 10/5/22), on a “major” review:


















The Boy Behind The Door: How Salomon Kool Escaped the Nazis, by David Tabatsky

(Amsterdam Publishers, August 31, 2022)

Readers’ Favorite Gold Award Winner Young Adult Action 2023
Reviewed by: Alma Boucher for Readers' Favorite

In class action novel, the law is down and dirty (nypost.com)

After nearly three decades of practicing class action security law, Brian Felgoise is no stranger to corruption. Now he’s giving a glimpse into the amoral underworld of law in a new, satirical novel “Filthy Rich Lawyers: The Education of Ryan Coleman.” “What I want to do is kind of pull the curtains back and shed some light on the lawyers and the nonsense that I’ve been dealing with,” says Felgoise, who collaborated with writer David Tabatsky.
           “Filthy Rich Lawyers” tells the story of a young, ambitious lawyer from Philadelphia who finds his stand-up values are in conflict with the underbelly of the law. As he associates with more and more high-powered and wealthy lawyers using their riches from class action suits to start a hedge fund, Ryan is exposed to a life of luxury like nothing he’s experienced before. But with private jets comes a realization that he’s in over his head. “None of these other lawyers operate alone,” says Tabatsky. “They have a network of other, badly behaving people.”
In what the authors describe as a “moral tale,” Ryan navigates the legal underground and struggles to keep his principles intact. “It creates a real moral conflict,” says Tabatsky. “He’s a very down to earth guy, but suddenly he’s in a whole other universe. He’s got to steer his moral compass through all that, but at the same time he’s really hungry to ‘succeed’ and gain some version of wealth.” The story is loosely based on Felgoise.
      Felgoise, a Philadelphia native and father of two, says the story is loosely based on himself. For instance, the book opens with Ryan in hot water in a Dallas courtroom. “It’s a real situation that happened to me. I stood up out of turn, and the judge really ripped into me,” Felgoise recalled. But, while many of the stories in “Filthy Rich Lawyers” take the drama to the satirical level, the authors made sure to keep the book grounded in reality. “It’s true to the world,” Tabatsky says. “That’s what good satire is — there’s a fine
line between truth and fiction.”  The pair are already working on a sequel and hope one day to take the story to the big screen. In the meantime, they’re excited that the first installment of “Filthy Rich Lawyers” will expose corruption while also being a reprieve.
           “I hope that readers will just have a good time and that they’ll be laughing,” says Tabatsky. “Their heads will spin a little bit because it’s just simple, good entertainment.”


Author Brian Felgoise

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