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Our Story

It seemed that nobody was interested in acquiring a book about the rescue of Soviet Jews. The timing was poor — the USSR was ceasing to exist, and I was a debut author. After finally receiving a bona fide offer from UPA for a “2-book” deal, I decided to open an agency to help other would-be authors realize their dream of publishing a book as I had achieved my goal and had mastered the process. I figured that if I could secure a publishing agreement for two books about a country that was ceasing to exist, then it was my calling to open an agency and AAA Books was born.

When I founded the agency, I had no other authors in my stable besides myself and Dr. Yuri Tarnopolsky, the Soviet scientist whose rescue I had spearheaded on a worldwide basis. Yuri was the subject of Unfinished Journey: Two People, Two Worlds, from Tyranny to Freedom, and his book—Memoirs of 1984, was the second book in the 2-book deal sold to UPA.  Memoirs of 1984 is a takeoff of George Orwell’s 1984, since Yuri spent the Orwellian year of 1984 in a Siberian labor camp and compares Orwell's predictions with reality. 

I never advertised for the agency, other than the Yellow Pages, but news traveled quickly and in 2003 (just ten years after we opened our door) AAA Books Unlimited was invited by the board of  directors of  Literary Market Place (LMP) — the “bible” of the book industry — to advertise in their 2-book annual publication, with the stipulation that we receive “three” letters of recommendation from book publishers  active on their database with whom we have worked during the past 2-3 years. We received letters of  recommendation from: 1) Random House, 2) Oxford University Press, and 3) Pelican.  Our first listing in LMP was in 2004—page 1, listed alphabetically, and our listing in LMP has continued to  grow with our expanding list of  new titles sold.

Today our agency continues to expand nationally and internationally, and we now represent authors in North America and several foreign countries.

In 2017 we relocated to Riverwoods, Illinois—a peaceful setting on two acres of virgin forest, with wildlife, a koi pond, bird sanctuary, close by the Des Plaines River, and only a 30-minute drive to downtown Chicago.


AAA Books Unlimited  —  3060 Blackthorn Road — Riverwoods, IL 60015


Commemorating Our “30” Years in Business

September 1993

AAA Books Unlimited opened its door for business September 1993 in Deerfield, Illinois.  A northern suburb of Chicago, Deerfield is located on the North Shore, about 28 miles north of downtown Chicago. 

My first book, Unfinished Journey: Two People, Two Worlds, from Tyranny to Freedom (University Press of America, Sept 1, 1993) had just been published following an uphill struggle to secure a book contract.

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