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Text Box:  A NIGHT TO REMEMBER (Saturday, July 17, 2004)
Chicago, “the Windy City,” defied all odds as everyone gathered Saturday evening under clear skies in celebration of AAA’s “first and only” summer gala. Getting to Chicago was another story! As the marquee was going up in the garden on Friday and tables were being set for 85 guests, stranded travelers began phoning. Chicago’s airports had shut down due to a severe thunderstorm watch. For AAA’s  hostess Nancy Rosenfeld, it was instant panic since most guests were arriving by air—Publishers and AAA authors, from coast-to-coast. Nevertheless, everyone safely made it despite flight delays up to seven hours and one case of lost luggage.  Roasting the Host: Brook Noel (Champion Press) Doctors Jan Fawcett and Bernard Golden (Nancy’s co-authors, New Hope for  People with Bipolar Disorder), and Michael Steinberg, Agent. 


										                      		        Bon appétit! 
					               	        Anita & Jordan Miller (Academy Chicago)
       The Keystone Chamber Ensemble 	                         & Nancy Rosenfeld
       Head musician - Linda Loiben-Kaplan (cellist)  		

 										         	              Table 2: Nancy King, Brook Noel & Sara Pattow
										          	                (Champion Press), Chuck Carroll
    Table 4: Jan Fawcett, Bernie Golden, Dorothy McCoy      	
    Glen Campbell, Paula Munier (Adams Media)

Annette Libeskind Berkovits—Book Launches
                           #1: September 15, 2014, Studio Daniel Libeskind , NYC — In the Unlikeliest of Places
     In the Unlikeliest of Places: How Nachman Libeskind Survived the Nazis, the Gulags and Soviet Communism
     by Annette Libeskind Berkovits and foreword by Daniel Libeskind, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Canada
    (Nachman Libeskind, father of Annette Libeskind Berkovits and acclaimed international architect Daniel Libeskind, 
     creator of master plan of Ground Zero, new World Trade Center)  	



 	            #2: March 6, 2022, Skytop Lounge, Plaza 400, NYC   #3: September 13, 2022 , Studio Libeskind , NYC 
         		                The Corset Maker  				  Aftermath, a memoir	         
 				Amsterdam Publishers —Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Secretary / Congressman Dan Glickman Welcomed at Book Event For “Live Chat
 August 3, 2021—Deerfield, Illinois – The Men’s Club at Congregation B'nai Tikvah, Laughing at Myself, University Press of Kansas 

August 3, 2021, Deerfield, Illinois – The Men’s Club at Congregation B'nai Tikvah held a “Live Chat” on Tuesday evening August 3rd, featuring AAA author Dan Glickman, the U.S. Representative from Kansas 4th Congressional District (1976-1994), U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (1996-2000), and President of the Motion Picture Association of America (2004-2011), and with remarks by The Honorable Congressman Brad Schneider, Illinois’s 10th District in the United States House of Representatives. We had a wonderful turnout for the event!  Brad Schneider presented the questions, and Dan’s responses were powerful, in-depth, and peppered with interesting anecdotes recounted in his usual captivating, self-deprecating style. The audience loved it!

        Nancy Rosenfeld, Secretary/Congressman Dan Glickman 
        Congressman Brad Schneider, Mark and Wendy Yura 
         and Bruce Domash, Men’s Club President

 Highlighted Events

In the Unlikeliest of Places

Hosted by Nina & Daniel Libeskind  &
The Consulate General of the Kingdom
of the Netherlands
Celebrating the release of
AFTERMATH, a memoir


Toni Glickman’s Book Launch
July 22, 2022 — Café Milano’s Georgetown

Champagne at Seven! Seven

Speaking Volumes, LLC

Table 3: Rob Rosenfeld, Dror Zetouni (America Israel Chamber of Commerce),

Shura Saul, Jennifer Rosvally, Joseph & Leah Zetouni, Nomandlovu & Tim Ndaki

Ruth Glassenberg, Jane & Neil Levy, Dr. Paul Katz

Marty & Nancy Rosenfeld, Toni Glickman
Sharon Glickman & Matt Collier

Accolades & Reviews