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 The Trouble With Miracles, by Stephen Steele,
      Book 2—
The Organ Grinder Factor , pub date: 11/17/21

      Book 1—pub date: 3/15/21

 Four Laws for the Artificially Intelligent, by Ian Domowitz,
Business Expert Press, pub date: 11/15/21


 The Overparenting Solution: Raising Positive, Resourceful Children
      to Meet Today's Challenges,

      by George S. Glass MD and David Tabatsky, Rowman & Littlefield, 10/15/21.


 I Love my Kid but I don't Always Like Them! by Franki Bagdade

      MSI Press, 10/1/21


 The Battle of Zig Zag Pass, by C.H. Boyer

      Speaking Volumes, LLC, 10/1/21

Surviving the Lion’s Den (Book 1): The Lion’s Den), by Matt Scott
Speaking Volumes, LLC, 10/1/21

How Concerned Should I Be?: “Questions Pertaining to the Developing Mind”
by Anandhi Narasimhan MD, World Humanitarian Drive (WHD) Publishing House, 9/9/21


 The Joth Proctor Fixer Series, by James V. Irving,

      Book 2—6/15/21
      Book 1—10/29/20
Speaking Volumes, LLC,

 Into the Rabbit Hole, by Micah T. Dank

      Book 5—The Hidden Archives, 6/15/21
      Book 4—Pangaeas Pandemic, 3/15/21
      Book 3—The Secret Weapon, 12/11/20

      Book 2—The Sacred Stones,  9/29/20
      Book 1—Beneath the Veil , 6/28/20

      Speaking Volumes LLC,


 Laughing at Myself: My Education in Congress, on the Farm, and at the Movies              
by Dan Glickman, Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Democratic Congressman from Kansas,
      Chairman, Motion Picture Association of America

      University Press of Kansas, pub date: 6/1/21

 Mysteries and Secrets Revealed: From Oracles at Delphi to Spiritualism in America  
      by Loren Pankratz, PhD,
Prometheus Books, pub date: 4/1/21

 I Hate the Man I Love, by Joan E. Childs, LCSW
Frederick Fell Publishers: pub date: 10/11/20 

 The Parkinson's Blues: Stories of My Life, by John J. Clayton                         
Paragon House, pub date: 9/1/20

 A Mother's Grace: “Healing the World, One Woman at a Time”
      by Michelle Moore, Founder, and CEO / A Mother’s Grace        

      Health Communications, Inc., pub date: 8/25/20


 In Search of a Theory of Everything: The Philosophy Behind Physics                         
       by Demetris Nicolaides, Ph.D.,
Oxford University Press, 7/1/20                                                                 
 Forget Dieting! It's All about Data-Driven Fueling, by Candice P. Rosen, RN, MSW
Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: 6/30/20

 Avoiding Medical Errors: “100 Rules to Help You Survive Mistakes       
       by Doctors and Hospitals”,
  by Robert M Fox, JD and Chris Landon, MD
Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: 4/8/20                             

 From Omaha Beach to Nuremberg: A Memoir of World War II Combat               
and the International Military Tribunal, by Daniel Altman and Fawn Zwickel       
McFarland Books, pub date: 2/25/20
 Pitchfork Populism: Ten Political Forces that Shaped an Election          
       and Continue to Change America

       by Bradford R. Kane
Prometheus Books, pub date: 10/15/19

 Make Your Own Damn Cheese, by John A. Chuback, MD, FACS
Health Communications, Inc., Pub date: 5/1/19

 Anatomy of a False Confession:
       The Interrogation and Conviction of Brendan Dassey
       by Michael Cicchini
Rowman & Littlefield, Pub date: 10/27/18


 Rx for Hope: An Integrative Approach to Cancer Care  
       by Nick Chen, MD, PhD (Co-Founder/Chief Medical Officer

      Seattle Integrative Cancer Center), with David Tabatsky
Rowman & Littlefield: pub date: 10/16/18


 Demystifying Hospice: Inside the Stories of Patients and Caregivers     
       by Karen J. Clayton
Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: 10/8/18 (Reprint paperback edition, 12/11/20


 Erotic Love & Marriage: Improve Your Sex Life and Emotional Connection
       by Dr. Frederick D. Mondin
Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: 10/8/18


 Beautiful Smile, Healthy Body: Your Guide to Authentic Holistic Dental Care

       Optimal Health, and Natural Vitality
       by Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence, with David Tabatsky
Rowman & Littlefield, pub date: 9/28/18


 Baseball and American Culture
       by John P. Rossi
Rowman & Littlefield: pub date: 9/15/18


 Belief: What It Means to Believe and Why Our Convictions Are So Compelling
       by James E. Alcock, PhD
Prometheus Books, pub date: 4/3/18


 DIY Circus Lab for Kids
       by Jackie Leigh Davis
Quarry Books, pub date: 2/13/18