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Text Box:   Biography
   Boulton, PhD, Alexandre O: Thomas Jefferson and the Language of Race
  Robb, Russell: Your Money Mentor: A Financial Expert’s Sage Advice to Help Millennials Make Money Work
  Children / Juvenile
  Lutz, Stuart (author of The Last Leaf, Prometheus Books): I Experienced (working title) 
  Contemporary Issues
  Creative Nonfiction
  Smith, Mike: 31 Seconds: The Untold Story of American Airlines Flight #191: The Worst Aviation Disaster
        in  U.S. History

  Sargent, Dr. Patricia:  Power Women: Lessons From the Ancient World  

   Boyer, C.H: Remove After Flight 

  Felgoise, Brian M: Filthy Rich Lawyers: A Behind the Scenes of Corporate Greed and High Stakes 
        Class Action Suits
  Entin, Elizabeth: WTF Just Happened?! 
  Feingold, David A: Stigma: through the eyes of a bipolar artist 
  Gutman, Ambassador Howard: Swing Hard in Case You Hit: Chasing Dreams in a True New York
          Washington, Hollywood, and a European Adventure Story
  Kamau, Pius: Out of Kikuyuland
  McGill, E.P: So Much for Happy
  Shimkus, Amanda: Boob Recall: One Young Woman’s Battle with Breast Cancer
  Tabatsky, David: American Misfit
  Narrative Nonfiction
  Cohen, Sheldon: King Tree and the Knothole: A Story of WWII Partisan Resistance
  Mogerman, Elliott: Unpaved Destiny: A Novice’s Guide to Biking the World
  Sequeira, Alberta: What is and isn't Working for the Alcoholic and Addict; In Their Own Words 

  Bagdade, Franki: I Love My Kids, But I Don’t’ Always Like Them

   Poetry collection:
  Berkovits, Annette Libeskind: Erythra Thalassa: The Red Sea 

  Popular Science
  Nicolaides, Demetris Ph.D: Nature Explained Naturally and Briefly
  Psychology / Self-help 
  Childs, Joan E: Staying Sane and Single
  Israel, Ira MA: Why We Think What We Think 
  Narasimhan, Anandhi MD with David Tabatsky: Blended Yet Divided: “Why Are We Failing America’s Children
        and What We Can Do About It” (A Family Psychiatrist’s Challenge to Parents, Educators, Mental Health Professionals)
  Narasimhan, Anandhi MD with David Tabatsky: Ask Dr. Anandhi: “100 Questions Parents Keep Asking Me”
  Shuster, Adam DO: Secrets of Pain Management: A practical pain guide to controlling your pain

  Parenting self-help
  Glass, George S. MD and David Tabatsky: The Overparenting Epidemic: Why Helicopter Parenting is Bad 
           for your Kids … and Dangerous for you, Too! (for “reprint”)
  Glass, George S. MD and David Tabatsky: Blending Families Successfully: Helping Parents and Kids
           Navigate the Challenges (for “reprint”)
  Heck, Congressman Denny: Sausage: Pulling Back the Curtain on Congress, America’s Board of Directors

  Self-Help / Educational 
  Chuback, John A. MD, FACS: The Blueprint to your Success Story
  Social Commentary
  Mitchell, Patricia: A Shortcut to Buddhahood: Awakening to Yourself . . . Your Buddha Nature  

  True Crime   
  Tabatsky, David: Write for Life